Villinger Heating Technology

Damage Demonstration Video

Solar Panel DeIce

SOLAR-DEICE is a highly effective de-icing system, specially developed for photovoltaic and solar panels.

The SOLAR-DEICE de-icing system allows to keep photovoltaic / solar modules snow and ice free even in severe winter conditions, ensuring both reliability and maximum yield of your photovoltaic / solar system.


Damage Resistance

The heater layer is characterized by a very high damage tolerance and can readily continue to operate after being punctured repeatedly. As long as the contact wires keep in an undamaged state, the heater withstands several partial broken areas, such as holes in the heating zone.


Technical Parameters

- PTC effect: self controlling and works against hot spots
- Heaters safe by design – Heating systems with or without ECU
- High damage tolerance
- Low power consumption
- Flexible and easy application – Applicable to various base materials & shapes
- DO-160 approved (Aviation standards)

Technical Parameters:
- Coating Thickness: < 0,2mm
- Coating Weight: < 150g/m2
- Max. Temperature (active or passive): 180°C
- Max. Power Density: 120.000 W/m2
- Max. Input Voltage: 1000 Volts (AC or DC)